It’s gotta be punny: A one-sided debate about artistic merit…

As a songwriter, I spend a decent amount of time chasing inspiration. Said every wannabe singer-songwriter ever.  To set myself apart, I will modify the statement with an analogy that will probably not be amusing to anyone but myself.  I chase inspiration like a young black stallion gallops after a chestnut mare through a pasture of magenta wildflowers hoping to secure her horse-y affection. Lets just take a moment to revel in the tears of my ninth grade english professor as he cries over the overtly cliche metaphor I just employed.


Thanks for obliging. Anyway, inspiration is like the neighbors’ yippy dog which you’re supposed to let out twice a day. If you stop paying attention to it, it will run into the street and get hit by a car. What I mean is, if you’re (assuming you’re an artist) not explicitly looking for things that excite your imagination, you’re almost certainly going to miss out on some great material.

Which brings me to my next point. It took me a while, but I got here. Thanks for rootin’ for me folks.

Today, I was making a cup of coffee. Now I know it sounds like I’m getting off topic again, but I have a point I swear. I was making a cup of coffee, and I realized that I’m pretty much in love with my kuerig brewer. Its so quick and convenient; sleek, and well-designed. In short, today I was inspired by a coffee-making appliance. Which brings me to my next point.

Do slightly off-beat odes to kitchen appliances have merit as art? A teacher I had in a songwriting class said something along the lines of “if a song needs to be written, you’ll know”. The idea was in reference to avoiding cliche “I-love-him-but-he-doesn’t-love-me” type songs, which I can decidedly say I did…Regardless,  I keep asking myself what a song like mine can be considered a musical snapshot of the human existence (which I consider an elusive mark of songwriting greatness). As I develop my voice as an artist, I’m finding myself drawn to the challenge of finding a sweet spot between dark observations of the world, offbeat humor, and unflinching honesty. So. Do coffee machine songs matter? I have no idea. But I just made intimate eye contact with my refrigerator, so I need to go. I feel a song coming on.







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