Curiosity killed the cat.

Good thing I’m not a cat.

Today, after we finish groaning about my awful attempt at an attention getter, I’m going to muse upon the potential of modern recording set-ups. When I started checking off classes for my recording arts minor, I was of the mind that it was sort of a dead end. If not a dead end, then a really rusty, tall chain-link fence I would have to scale if I ever wanted to reach the other side and post-secondary-education financial security. I decided to pursue it anyway because it was something I really enjoyed and my gut told me to.

Over the course of this semester, as I learn more about the possibilities that exist for people with a background in recording arts, I have become optimistic, enthusiastic and inspired about the potential for a career path in a creative industry.

As I get closer to the day when I am released into the world like a supernova explodes into the universe as a flash of brilliance and sparkly stardust (just making sure you’re still with me. Hello friends.), in other words the day I get my diploma, I need to figure out to turn my passion for creativity into a viable career. Lately, I’ve been realizing that there is a market for my passions and skillsets. It’s been quite a relief, because I was really not looking forward to sleeping in a cardboard recording console shipping box.

Right now, I’m really fired up about the possibility of a career in advertising. I think that my ability to come up with and develop original ideas, willingness to collaborate, and ear for catchy tunes point in the direction of jingle writing, or concept development. Right now, I need to become familiar with running DAW’s and film editing software so that I can execute my ideas quickly.

Going to the No.Ware studio opened my eyes to possibility of running a business on my own terms and playing to my own talents as opposed to trying to fit into a position in the corporate world that I wouldn’t find fulfilling. I want to contribute substance to the world in the form of art, be it an effective commercial or a catchy pop song. My next step is to develop skill that will allow me to put that into practice.

That being said, elements I should take initiative to learn about are:

-Proficiency on DAW platforms

-research how small business are run, specifically studios that work with advertising

-finding clients

-keeping clients

-the fact that I don’t know what else to put on this list probably means I should start         googling

-Keep working on my film editing proficiency (I’ve done a little)

-I still have no idea how to use MIDI keyboards in concordance with ProTools. I need to get on that stat.

To do all this I need to both read up as much as I can, but also to find internships or jobs in the real world that allow me to gain credibility in the field. Once I do that I could start to think about running my own studio. The flexibility and control it would offer me are enticing to me. In order to make it a reality, I need to develop my abilities in the area of execution so that I can present high quality work.

All righty folks. I will invite you to take a moment and think about your favorite motivational quote.

Great. Now go forth and conquer. Byeeeeeee!


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