I should be doing homework right now.

A list of things on my mind:

1. If you feel guilty about eating dessert, you don’t deserve to eat dessert. Appreciate.

2. The changing demographics of suburban elementary schools.

3. Getting a radio show.

4. The fact that I can’t play my guitar in time even if someone was clanging a giant cowbell next to my head and strobe lights were flashing down beats.

5. I should be doing homework right now.

6. Poverty, privilege, and luck.

7. Creating a “Boy Bands of the 90’s” playlist.

8. Personality and hibernation.

9. Apparently John Lennon peed on a bunch of nuns off a hotel balcony.

10. One of the most powerful motivators is fear.

11. Climbing trees.

12. The scene in Blues Brothers where they visit the penguin.

13. Dreadlocks and a lip ring.

14. A desperate desire to be profound.




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