Trains, planes, and automobiles.

It has been a very bizarre few days, folks.

What’s that? You want me to prove it?


1. I have been dressed in old man drag every evening this week.


2. Last night, a drunk boy called me at 2 am and cried because an undisclosed subject was going to be “evicted from the Barcelona apartment”. I have no idea what that meant, but he sounded like he needed someone to listen to his ramblings so I did for a while.

3. I might be dating a train conductor.

4. I’m seriously considering quitting school to become an opera star, because obviously, that’s the smartest course of action. And hey, I like coffee. I could do the whole cliché musician/barista thing.

5. I just bought tickets for my sister and I to see the Backstreet Boys/Avril Lavigne concert in June.

6. My parents’ dog is in the doggy emergency room being treated for doggy influenza.


The circumstances of my life right now are making me feel like a goldfish in a running washing machine. All jokes aside, I have a lot of decisions to make regarding how I want my next year to look and what my moral boundaries are. I feel like a pseudo-adult. It’s time I take charge of creating a life that I find fulfilling. I have one life, a lot of introspective clichés,  and no time to waste.


Make someone feel special today.    


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