A College Student’s Humble (i.e. pretentious) Musing . Subtitle: The nature of living

I’ve been spending an increasing amount of time deep in the throws of the inter web lately. 

I like to look up job openings in the area most of which I’m not at all qualified for. Part of the reason I do it is to try to drowned out all the voices of the liberal media screaming about the over saturated job market for college graduates. After a failed “finding myself” venture at a summer camp out east, I’m back at my parents for the summer contemplating whether or not I will ever develop the capabilities necessary to contribute to society. Googling “jobs for college graduates in minneapolis” and then systematically sifting through them in my sweatpants has become cathartic. It assures me that there are plenty of opportunities for a young person to seek out. Each job posting is the promise of a potential future I could someday have.

The unfortunate paradox of my coping strategy is that the time I waste perusing my options is time I could use to develop marketable skills. Additionally, the instant access to thousands of postings doesn’t make it any easier for me to declare a major. No matter what they say about a majority of people not working in their field of study, I can’t shake the anxiety that the degree will define my future. Which leads me to the next little slice of the cliche psychosis informing this post. 

When I make a decision regarding my future, am I determining or altering how it eventually will play out…?

The nature of living is complicated, but I’m just a whiny college student. What do I know.



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